Destination Life

I don’t remember how I found Amy’s blog. However, my attention was piqued when I saw this at the top of her blog…”Come Along My Journey of Faith, Motherhood and Life”. I’m constantly on the lookout for blogs of like-minded christian wives and mothers and Destination Life definitely fits the bill.

Amy covers so many topics on her blog and it’s obvious that her heart is for God and her family. Here’s just a sample of what she writes about…

1. The 200 Challenge – Amy sought to honor God and her husband by feeding her family well on a frugal budget. And she blogged about it so the rest of us can learn from her!

2. The Giving Tree – She recommended this book that teaches character traits to children and then ties it into our lives as wives and mothers. (This is a convicting post!)

3. Emotions are Mixed – She blogs openly about what it’s like to be a military wife and the lessons God has taught her through the difficult moments.

4. Our Strong Willed Child – It is a big responsibility to be the parent of a child. With that responsibility comes joys and struggles. But in the end it is all worth it.

5. Sneaky Like a Ninja – The title makes me laugh (I’ve never thought of myself as a ninja!), but the post is convicting. All of the jobs involved with being a mommy may not get much notice, but the rewards are very high.

6. ABCs with Lula Mae – Amy has seen a strength and desire to learn in her daughter and is helping her flourish in this area. It’s so encouraging to me! I want to do the exact same thing for Drew and Carter…see their strengths and interests and help them learn about them.

7. A Nursery for Two – I’ve never thought much about how to decorate a nursery for a little girl and a baby boy. I love what Amy ended up doing! A girl’s side and a boy’s side. 🙂

8. P90X Update – I’ve heard good things about this workout program, although just the thought of trying it scares me. 🙂 (Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred was brutal! :-)) But I do admire someone who does a work out every day…especially when that work out is at the end of a long day. (Usually, I’m just ready to crash!)

9. Motherhood – Motherhood truly does change everything in your life!

10. Not-So-Chocolate Muffins – These muffins sound yummy and healthy…which is, of course, a great combination! 🙂

I hope you have as much fun browing Amy’s blog as I did!

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Destination Life

  1. Amy B says:

    Well this is so incredibly humbling. You are so amazing to take the time to do this post! I am so glad my blog is touching someones life! If something I post can help someone, convict someone, encourage someone… well then I am 100% satisfied. Thanks so much for all your sweet words! I really am touched!

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