Ten Reasons I Love Fall

  1. Pumpkins – I love seeing pumpkins as decoration. In fact, I’ve seen several cute tutorials for using the pumpkin theme as decoration. I also love baking with pumpkins. Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors!
  2. Spices – A complementary second to pumpkin are all the fall spices. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. So yummy smelling and yummy tasting!
  3. Cool weather – After the heat of the summer, I love the cooler weather that comes with the fall.
  4. Thanksgiving – One of my favorite holidays. I enjoy the yummy Thanksgiving foods. My mom makes the most tender turkey and best cornbread dressing I have ever tasted! On top of that, we get to eat one of my favorite vegetables, sweet potatoes. Add to that the yummy desserts and we have a great meal.
  5. Time with family – It’s fun to spend time with family when we celebrate Thanksgiving. It looks like this Thanksgiving we are going to have (hopefully) extended family (and some friends) at our house this year.
  6. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate – This one matches up with #3. After I drink coffee all year round but there’s something about those hot beverages when the weather is cool. Or even better, I love hot beverages when I can hear the sound of rain outside. Steaming beverages are so comforting when it’s cold outside.
  7. Baking – I enjoy baking anytime but it’s the fall where yummy homemade foods are more a part of life. It probably has to do something with yummy pumpkin recipes and all the Thanksgiving cooking.
  8. Start listening to Christmas music – I’m already listening to Christmas music. I have been particularly enjoying some of Josh Groban’s Christmas music and some songs from Celtic Thunder’s Christmas album.
  9. Looking back over the past year – Even though we aren’t to the end of 2010 yet, I have already started looking back over this year. It’s always encouraging to look back and remember God’s faithfulness during the year.
  10. Time off from teaching – On a slightly different note, I enjoy the fall because I get time off from teaching. This year I’m taking two weeks off from teaching for Thanksgiving instead of my usual one. My students will no doubt be grateful for the extra time off.

~ Melinda ~

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