Real Followers of Christ

I stumbled across a blog post last week entitled “My Son is Gay”. While the post was interesting, the comment section is what really caught my attention.

The main body of the post was written by a woman explaining how her son decided to be Daphne (from Scooby Doo) for Halloween. When he arrived at his Christian school in his costume, the mother received many offensive comments from other students’ mothers about how inappropriate and gay it was for her son to be dressing that way. The blog post is the mothers’ defense of her son’s desire and her own support of him.

I found the article to be interesting, even though I disagreed with it. However, the comment section proved to be even more interesting than the post. It never ceases to amaze me how heated comment sections on some posts can get.

Generally speaking, there seem to be two types of commenters who participate in discussions on posts like this. First are the commenters who are completely supportive of post’s author. In the above-mentioned article, most of the comments were supportive of the mother and homosexual or transgendered lifestyles in general. Secondly, there are the commenters (frequently who claim to be Christians), adamantly opposed to the position in the article. Conversations between these two groups can become heated and often rude.

For instance, one comment on the above-referenced post started in on how evil and pagan Halloween is. The school isn’t really a Christian school because it allows the students to participate in “the devil’s happy hour”. The commenter goes so far as saying the mother is “destroying” her son’s life and as a remedy the son should be sent to “seminary”.

I am certainly no supporter of Halloween and I do think the holiday has pagan influences that can be quite dangerous. However, this man, who seems to consider himself a Christian, comes across very harsh. Such harshness hinders the message of truth from being heard. There is such a thing as speaking truth in love…and this commenter missed the mark.

In response to the first comment, a second commenter said, You need to keep your prejudices and judgments to yourself. You should know by now that if you were a real follower of the Christian faith, you would know that you have NO right to judge anyone… only your creator can do that. So keep your nasty, ill-willed, small-minded comments to yourself…”

This one comment sums up what many people seem to think and believe about Christians. First, Christians are not allowed to discuss our prejudices. Take a moment to notice that the second commenter is airing his prejudices and judgments of the first commenter…yet no one took issue with his comment. It seems that only Christians are in the wrong when discussing their prejudices and opinions on issues.

Second, it seems to be a common assumption real followers of Christ are never to judge anyone. The verse that says “judge not” seems to be the favorite verse of anyone who disagrees with Christianity. But such a view of one verse does serious injustice to what the Bible teaches.

In many instances, Christians should be among the most tolerant people…but Scripture never, ever allows tolerance of sin. What does the Bible say about homosexuality and cross-dressing? Well, let’s just say the Bible is quite clear on the subject.

Third, the commenter ends essentially by calling the first commenter names. Interestingly, every adjective the second commenter uses actually applies to his own comment! The second commenter is upset because the first is “nasty, ill-willed, and small-minded”, yet the second comment does the exact same thing.

Because I am a Christian, I take a strong stand against homosexuality. As a Christian, I cannot do otherwise. The Bible is very clear. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. (1 Corinthians 6:9)

Believing homosexuality is a sin does not mean I hate those who have chosen a gay or lesbian lifestyle. I had a friend for a season who was lesbian (she since reverted to a straight lifestyle) and an extended family member is gay. I don’t hate them. But still, my friend and family member were/are living in sin. I judge their sin to be wrong…just as Scripture does.

Contrary to the opinion of the second commenter, “a real follower of the Christian faith” will make a similar judgment because that is what the Bible says.

~ Melinda ~

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