Back on the Bandwagon

After taking a considerable break from our TOH cooking project, Carrie and I were back in the saddle a week or so ago. Tim and Carrie hosted a house-warming party so their friends could see their new house. For the occassion, Carrie and I made a few recipes from our cookbook.

Jalapeno Potato Salad – I thought the salad was a little too chunky, so next time I would chop the onions and peppers up smaller. There was a slight spiciness to the salad, however, it would taste better with a little more hot sauce. 🙂

Lemon Angel Wings – Light, airy with a slight lemon taste…these cookies were amazing!


Pecan Clusters – These were pretty good. The caramel was excellent…although it becomes rock hard when refrigerated. I would definitely recommend taking these out of the fridge prior to serving them so they will soften a bit.

We had other food at the party (Tim grilled hamburgers and hotdogs) but these were the only three recipes from our cookbook. It was fun to be back in that cookbook again.

~ Melinda and Carrie ~

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2 Responses to Back on the Bandwagon

  1. Mom M-V says:

    LOL! Dad M-V and I thought the pecans were delicious!!! (P-can) LOL! 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    We had such a great time! Love your Lemon Angel Wings and Carrie’s custard pie. Some how I missed your Pecan (P-con) clusters!

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