Reflections on the Election

I love voting (and as a side note…I also love to be summoned for jury duty). Ever since my sisters and I were little, Mom would take us with her when she went to vote. From a young age, my parents impressed upon me the importance of voting.

I was very excited when I turned eighteen and registered to vote. That was a handful of years ago…and I still love to vote as much now as I did on my first election.

Yesterday, I went and voted with high hopes and expectations. I was very hopeful that the people I voted for would win their offices. I always enter the polling place with an optimistic attitude.

Invariably, it’s always a bit of a letdown as the election results are released. No matter how I voted…there’s always someone I voted for who didn’t get elected or a proposition that passed or didn’t pass.

When the results come in different from how I voted, I am sometimes tempted to think cynically, “Some good my vote did.”

It’s always good for me to be reminded of the bigger picture invovled with voting. I was pleased to read Al Mohler’s reflections on this most recent election. He definitely puts the election in its proper perspective.

~ Melinda ~

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