Fall Recipes

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I always look forward to the cooler weather, which allows me to put soups back into our menu plan…and lets me use the oven without making the house unbearably hot. 🙂 So here are some fun fall recipes I’m looking forward to making this year. 🙂

1. Chicken Pot Pie – This is such a yummy casserole…easy to make and a great way to use up leftovers.

2. Spicy Cheeseburger Soup – While it isn’t cold enough to eat soup too often, I’m definitely looking forward to making this more frequently. This is our family’s favorite soup recipe!

3. Baked Apple Crisp with Granola – This breakfast is actually good year round, but there’s something about the smell of cinnamon and apples baking together that make you think of fall. 🙂

4. Pumpkin Pancakes – Just the act of cooking with pumpkin makes me feel like the holidays are finally here! 🙂 (Although thankfully we still have a couple of months… :-))

5. Chicken Alfredo Casserole – We actually enjoy this casserole year round as it’s one of our favorites. 🙂 However, I had to include it in this list because a casserole hot from the oven makes a perfect fall night dinner. 🙂

6. Chicken Chili – I love a good white chili. I tried this recipe out at the beginning of the month. It is so cozy to eat a meal of hot chili and cornbread on a chilly day. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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