What Does it Mean to Know God?

Our pastor recently started a class on the foundational beliefs of christianity. One week the discussion turned to: what does it mean to know God? And this illustration was presented…

Imagine I had never met my son, Drew. Imagine further that someone asked me about my son. Would I talk about him? Absolutely…he’s my son! But what could I say? Not much. I know he’s my son…and I know he has to be cute, because he’s my son. 🙂

Contrast that with reality…I DO know Drew. I CAN brag about him. He’s learning his alphabet. He loves and takes care of Carter. He just recently learned how to build a track for his toy trains. He loves to do school and has a beautiful smile. I know Drew so I can talk about him with knowledge.

So…what is your relationship with God? Do you know Him? Can you tell other people about Him and what He is doing in your life? Or is all you know just bland facts?

~ Carrie ~

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2 Responses to What Does it Mean to Know God?

  1. Cherilyn says:

    What a great way to present this idea – thank you for sharing.

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award – you can see the link on my blog.


  2. Amy B says:

    Love this post! What a great way to look at it! I am so glad you and Drew are enjoying learning together! That is wonderful!

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