Making Your Home a Haven

Sometimes I need a little reminder of my purpose as a homemaker, so I was excited when Courtney posted this challenge for the month of October. The challenge for the first week was to light a candle and to use it as a visual reminder to make decisions throughout the day that will make your home a peaceful place to be.

When I first saw the challenge, I wasn’t sure I would be able to light a candle, because Drew is extremely fascinated with them. He loves to get up close and just watch the flame flickering. Not the safest combination in the world. 🙂 I normally enjoy lighting candles throughout my home, but ended up deciding to move a candle into the kitchen. The counters are high enough that Drew can’t get too close. 🙂 So I can still enjoy my candle and I don’t have to worry about Drew getting hurt. 🙂

When I first read about this challenge, my mind immediately started thinking about all of the little things that could be done to make my home more inviting. But, after I lit my candle and as I got the boys up and fed them breakfast, I realized that making your home a haven is so much more than the physical things.

One of the biggest (and most difficult!) things that makes or breaks the atmosphere of a home is attitude. And it doesn’t take long for bad attitudes to start cropping up…in me and the boys. It’s a lot of work to stay on top of not only my attitudes but the attitudes of my sons. Throughout the day so many situations arise that lead to a decision…either to respond gently and lovingly or in frustration. And if gentleness and love are character traits I want my boys to learn then it is something I must model for them.

So at the end of the day, I looked about my home. My kitchen was clean and inviting…

However, the rest of my home wasn’t quite up to par…

Normally messes like this would bother me, but that night I looked at the toys that were out of place and remembered the sound of Drew and Carter laughing together as they climbed on their basketball hoop and jumped off the bed. I remembered reading with Drew as we worked on reviewing the colors he knew.

And I knew that the messes weren’t important, but the memories we had made would last forever.

~ Carrie ~

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