When I was in high school, my parents paid for me to take piano lessons from an amazing teacher who studied at Juilliard.  I loved the piano…the learning and pushing myself to an ever better performance. Playing the piano was relaxing and enjoyable and it fostered in me a love for music.

The Christmas before we were married Tim gave me an iPod and some speakers. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled since I didn’t really know what an iPod could do. When I discovered that I could load HUNDREDS of songs onto it, I was so thrilled. I loved having music playing in our little apartment throughout the day. I continued to listen to music throughout my pregnancy with Drew and he has shown a love of music as well. If I don’t have music playing, he’ll ask me to turn some on. He’ll dance and race around the house to it.

I still love to listen to music, however I was getting tired of the songs I had on iTunes. I wanted a little bit more variety. Melinda had told me about Pandora. It took me awhile to sign up for my own account and begin to use it and now I wonder what took me so long!! 🙂

Pandora is a free online music radio station. You sign up for an account, type in the name of a musician, group or song. They will find it, play the song, and then search for songs with a similar style and genre. I love it! Variety, free, and a way to have music constantly in my home. 🙂

Pandra definitely works for me!

~ Carrie ~

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