Letter G

This past week was  rather busy so we didn’t get to spend as much time on the letter G as I would have liked. But we did try some fun new activities and Drew had a lot of fun. 🙂

Drew has had so much fun in previous weeks when a project required a glue stick. So I printed out the G template, cut up little squares of tissue paper and wrapping paper and had the boys glue them on.
Even though Drew isn’t a big fan of coloring things, I decided to give this template a try. And we had fun coloring each little circle. Drew is getting better at working to stay inside the lines.
This worksheet was a great review for Drew at the end of the week. He enjoys looking for a letter and then circling it. We practiced writing Gg at the bottom of the page. 🙂 His writing is so cute!
One evening when Tim was playing with the boys with their trains and tracks I suggested they work on putting the people in groups based on the color of their clothes. It took Drew a few tries to get the hang of it, but then he had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, he messed the piles up (to do it again!) before I could get a good picture. 🙂
This is the first time I worked with Drew on recognizing a pattern and repeating it. It hasn’t quite clicked in his brain yet, so we’ll keep working on it. However, he did have fun putting the people up or down. 🙂
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~ Carrie ~
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3 Responses to Letter G

  1. Giggly Girls says:

    We never spend as much time as I think on our letters either. Now I’ve excepted that it’s going to to us two weeks to get it down. LOL
    I love his “Gs”! Too cute!
    Great patterning activity.

  2. Maureen says:

    I like the tissue paper G. My dd likes to glue too. Love the patterning you did.

  3. Jen says:

    Great week! I have decided to mostly plan 2 weeks per letter b/c it seems no matter what there are a couple days we don’t do any of the letter activities!

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