A Day In My Life – First Day of Teaching

This Day in My Life post details my life on Monday, September 13. This was the first day of the school year for me; I began teaching twelve homeschooled students in a junior high composition class.

5:45 – I got up early this morning. This is definitely not the norm for me however I was spending some time at Tim and Carrie’s home. We got up early in order to drive back to where I live where both Carrie and I are teaching. After getting up, I finished packing my stuff from the ten days I spent with Tim and Carrie, got dressed, and helped get Drew and Carter ready to go.

6:10 – We drove to my house. Normally this is an hour and forty minute drive but due to traffic it took us two hours and fifteen minutes.

8:30 – Once we arrived at my house, I began last minute preparations for my class. I made a quick stop at Staples to make the necessary copies of handouts that I would need to give my students. Carrie also needed to run into Pavilions to purchase a few items.

9:30 – We made it home from our errands and had thirty minutes to relax before leaving to teach

10:00 – We left early for the church. I wanted to make sure I got there in plenty of time to set up room up and prepare everything before the students arrived. Carrie’s students (for biology) began showing up twenty minutes early so we were still setting up her room as they arrived. My first student showed up thirty minutes early; I got him to help me with a little bit of setup. From 10:45-12:00, I taught a junior high composition class. The first day went very well and I’m excited about what is to come during the rest of the year.

12:00 – After teaching, I ate a quick lunch. Carrie also had a lunch break at 12:00; she had a thirty minute break before her second class began.

12:30 – When Carrie began teaching her second class, Mom and I took Drew and Carter down to the playground at the church and had some fun. Both of those boys enjoyed playing on the slide. After playing for a while, I brought Mom and the two boys home. I had about thirty minutes to spend on the computer before heading back to the church to pick Carrie up after her class.

2:00 – We stopped by Vons because Pavilions had not had the alfredo sauce Carrie wanted to buy. The Vons had the sauce in stock and Carrie purchased six jars.

3:15 – We were back home and I decided I wanted to make my own batch of yogurt in the crockpot. Carrie did this recently; when I tasted her homemade yogurt, it was so good! I started my batch of yogurt and turned the crockpot on low. After getting that started, I looked at some crafty projects and recipes for the Made By You Monday linkup.

3:45 – Mom and Carrie ran a few quick errands. We stopped by JoAnns to purchase some flannel for a sewing project and we went to Kohls to look at some sales they were having on clothes for toddlers.

5:00 – We made dinner. Mom decided to make kabobs for dinner; they were very good. Carrie had never eaten kabobs with us before and she enjoyed the experience. Carrie left after dinner and headed back to her home.

7:00 – I went to the library to begin looking at some books for a somewhat ambitious reading project I’m thinking about beginning. I was only at the library forty-five minutes…until they began announcing the library’s closing time. When they begin announcing that the library is going to close in 20-30 minutes, I start feeling rushed while browsing/reading so I finished what I was doing when the announcements began and came home.

8:45 – I worked on my yogurt some more. I was absolutely amazed at how quick and easy it is to make yogurt in my crockpot. I always thought it would be an arduous task to make yogurt but that simply doesn’t have to be true. Making yogurt in the crockpot couldn’t be more simple.

After the yogurt, Mom and I watched an Agatha Christie movie while I sorted coupons and made shopping lists for this week. I also worked on some surveys for Synovate Research.

10:45 – I got ready for bed and fifteen minutes later I was in bed.

~ Melinda ~

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