TOH Cooking

As most of our readers probably know, Carrie and I are cooking through the entire 2006 Taste of Home annual recipes cookbook. We’ve been working on this project since last February. With our last cookbook party (which you can read about *HERE*), we have cooked/baked 109 recipes from this cookbook. There are 507 recipes in our cookbook so we still have 398 recipes to go. Or to put it another way, we’ve made approximately 20% of the recipes in our cookbook. I’m fairly pleased with that project. It’s taken us six months to get this far so at this speed it will take us another two years to finish this cookbook. Hmmmm….we may need to speed up our cooking rate….

Anyway, since the cookbook party, I made several more recipes from our cookbook…one of which was a lentil dish. I didn’t have high hopes for this Brown Rice Lentil Salad because I’m not a big fan of brown rice or lentils. But since we had all the ingredients, I thought I would make it so as to spare Carrie from making a recipe I was pretty sure she wouldn’t like either.

As it turns out, the finished project isn’t that bad. I personally wouldn’t classify it as good but it wasn’t horrible either. I would even make it again sometime. Bonnie and Mom even said they liked it.

~ Melinda ~

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