Labor Day Fun

I’ve slowly been learning to take the time to plan and make special memories with my family. I often decide to pass over an opportunity to do something fun simply because I know the boys are too young to remember what we did. However, I know they will not forget the love they felt. Plus we’ll have pictures to show them one day to help them “remember” the fun times they had with Daddy and Mommy.

With that in mind, Melinda and I planned some fun things for Labor Day weekend. We didn’t even scratch the surface of everything we had planned, but we did make fun memories that will last forever.

We started off our celebration with a big meal at noon. Hamburgers, Triple-Cheese Macaroni, Oven-Roasted Potatoes, and canteloupe.

After lunch, we all went out front and drew on the driveway with chalk. Drew and Carter had so much fun drawing random pictures, coloring in hearts, and reviewing the alphabet. Melinda experimented with combining two primary colors to get a third color and discovered that chalk doesn’t combine too well. 🙂 Drew learned how to put his hand on the ground and trace around it.

The boys had a lot of fun and got quite a bit of chalk on themselves, so a bath was next on the agenda…followed by dessert.

Peanut Butter Blondies – We actually made these without the chocolate frosting. There were mixed opinions about that omission. We all thought it would taste better with more chocolate (:-)), however, it would also make the blondies much richer.

Coconut Cream Dessert – This was yummy! Because we made our own coconut pudding from scratch, it didn’t have the pretty yellow color a store bought mix would. Of course, we also had the reassurance that our pudding didn’t have all of the preservatives a box mix does. 🙂

While the boys took their second nap, Melinda, Tim, and I watched a movie together. It was a lot of fun. Laughing together at the funny parts…trying to understand the plot…enjoying spending time together.

Dinner was simple…chicken pot pie stew, followed by some play time with the boys. Once the boys went to bed, Tim, Melinda and I played The Game of Life while we watched another movie.

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Labor Day Fun

  1. Lauren says:

    Sounds like ya’ll had a lot of fun!! We took the kids to a local state park and played on the playground and walking trails while Eric’s parents went hiking on the mountain. We all had a picnic lunch together too. Lots of fun and good memories!!

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