Smoothies are one of my favorite snacks.  There are so many great reasons to enjoy a daily smoothie that it’s my go-to snack after the boys naps.

1. They are quick. Each week I buy the fruit that is on sale. I keep frozen bananas in a tupperware container in my freezer. I have Ziploc baggies filled with an assortment of fruit so that all I have to do is add some juice and yogurt.

2. It’s a mess-free snack. 🙂 Drew can drink his smoothie out of a cup and I just pour Carter’s into a sippie cup. Then the three of us sit on the kitchen floor and drink our smoothies together. When we are done, I can quickly rinse out our cups and put the blender away and we’re good to go.

3. It doesn’t require me to “help” the boys eat. Since Carter figured out how to use a sippy cup, I no longer have to spoon feed him a smoothie. So we just have fun sitting, drinking and “talking”. 🙂

4. It’s healthy. One of the goals on my 101 list is to get in the habit of eating fruits and vegetables for snacks. And this is how I accomplish that goal.

5. Smoothies don’t have to be expensive. When there is a good sale on fruit, I buy  a lot and stock my freezer. Right now I have blueberries and bananas in my freezer and necarines and peaches in my refrigerator. 🙂

6. Smoothies are so adaptable! I haven’t had too much success with making a smoothie completely on my own…I have to follow a basic recipe. But once I have a recipe to follow I just use what I have on hand and end up (usually!) with a delicious smoothie. 🙂

I love to find new smoothie recipes, but these are some of our favorite recipes. (If you have a great smoothie recipe, share it in the comments! :-))

Groovy Green Smoothie – I love this one because a) it tastes good and b) it’s a good way to get some spinach in our diets! 🙂

Super Citrus Smoothie – A smoothie full of vitamin C. 🙂 I love citrus and orange flavored smoothies are so yummy!

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie – I have to admit that I add a few more graham crackers than called for…ok…a lot more. 🙂 What can I say? I love the taste. 🙂

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Shake – Chocolate and peanut butter? Enough said! 🙂

Banana Ice Cream – And this is my most recent discovery and it is my favorite afternoon snack. 🙂

Peach Smoothie – Simple…not too sweet, but very delicious.

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~ Carrie ~

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