Introducing…Single Links

I recently published a page that has a compilation of links to articles and blog posts that have been an encouragement to me during this season of singleness.

I have come across quite a few blog posts that deal with singleness…but not all of those made it onto the page of links. Why? I’m pretty particular about the types of posts and articles that deal with the subject of singleness. It seems like a vast majority of the articles I stumble across talk about needing to be content in God and learning to let Christ fill the loneliness in my life. Both of these things are true but it is a bit cliched (at least to me).

Articles that deal honestly and openly with the struggles of being single are the ones that made it onto my list of links. I appreciate other young ladies who let me know that I’m not alone in what I struggle with. Those articles that tell me I just need to be more content or that I’m not trusting God enough…well…those didn’t make it on this list.

My main purpose in sharing this list of links with the blogosphere is primarily because I noticed how difficult it has been to find blog posts and articles that are honest and yet encouraging. Since I hadn’t found such a list of links, I decided to start one myself.

It is my hope and prayer that God will use these links to encourage other young ladies…just as He used them to encourage me.

~ Melinda ~

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