Pizza and Sugar Cookies

I’ve gotten off to a slow start this morning. 🙂

Yesterday I got a call from a friend (who is leaving for college in a week :-() and she’s coming over to hang out this afternoon and help me with my baking list. (Isn’t she sweet? :-)) So, since she’s coming after lunch, I realized that, in order to have dinner ready on time with no stress, I needed to make the pizza dough this morning. (I’m trying a new pizza recipe too…Spicy Garlic Chicken…sounds delicious!)

This is enough dough for THREE pizzas! I have no idea how my small family eats so much pizza. If my little sons can eat this much pizza, I wonder how much they’ll eat when they are teenagers! 🙂

The fruit pizza requires sugar cookie dough for the crust. I didn’t want to buy some at the store, so I whipped it up this morning. I can’t wait to assemble this pizza! It’s going to be so pretty!

Now I’m off to figure out a game plan…what needs to be made when to have everything ready at 2:00 pm tomorrow. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Pizza and Sugar Cookies

  1. Lauren says:

    We have homemade pizza planned for tonight too. I make mine on a large cookie sheet. Have fun baking today!!

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