Introducing Improv Everywhere

I stumbled across Improv Everywhere quite some time ago. Improv Everywhere is a group of people who’s sole purpose is to brighten the day of other people in random ways. The website says that “Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” They stage impromptu musicals in public places (like grocery stores or food courts). They do quick “plays” in the New York subway (like their most recent video when they staged a scene from Star Wars).

*Word of Caution* Improv Everywhere has quite a few interesting and funny missions that are truly fun to read about. However some of their missions are inappropriate…if you visit their website you will be able to tell which videos these are by their names.

Here are some of my favorite missions from IE.

This is one of my favorite IE missions. (Again a word of caution…toward the end of this video there is a mild swear word.)

Here’s another one that makes me smile. “Rob” gave 2,000 high-fives to passengers of the New York subway.

I think this was the first IE video I ever saw…and it’s still one I enjoy.

I hope these videos bring a smile to your face…just as they were intended to do.

~ Melinda ~

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