Ten Projects I’d Like to Try

1. Square Deal Dress – I like dresses/shirts with square necklines. I’d like to try this pattern and if I like it hopefully I can use it to make a black dress for #45 on my 101 list.

2. Laptop Sleeve – This is downright beautiful! I’ve seen several patterns for making a laptop sleeve but this is the best one I’ve seen so far.

3. Repurposing a Long-Sleeved Shirt into a Short-Sleeved Shirt – I’m not sure yet which shirt I’m going to try this on…but I’m pretty sure I’ll try this pattern at some point because the end product is so cute.

4. Pillow with Ties – I love these pillows! I would make some to put on my bed…but I already have too many decorative pillows on my bed. I’m trying to decide where else I could use these pillows.

5. Sweet Greetings portfolios – A book with lots of pockets to organize things…enough said. 🙂

6. DIY Handmade Wall Lettering – I’m hoping to put a quote about books/reading on the wall of my bedroom. I think such a quote would go perfectly with all of my bookshelves.

7. Kitchen Aid Makeover – This is so cute! I just need to make sure Mom is ok with me painting and decorating our Kitchen Aid.

8. Book Bag – This intrigues me, but I think it would be a bit hard to completely destroy a book like this. But then again…a great book would make a really cute bag.

9. Long Skirt to Short – This is very similar to a skirt alteration that Carrie did recently. Her skirt turned out cute and I would like to try my hand at something similar.

10. DIY Two-Toned Button Window Shade – These curtains are so fun! I already have curtains in my room…so I may have to wait until I have my own house someday to try this out.

~ Melinda ~

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