End of the Spear

To be honest, I picked up End of the Spear by Steve Saint only because I needed to read a book starting with the letter E for my 101 list. Melinda had told me that it was a good book, but I had no idea the depth or the impact reading this biography would have.

I had grown up hearing the story of Operation Auca. I knew that Elisabeth Elliott and Rachel Saint had gone back to the Indians who had killed their husband and brother to tell them of God’s salvation. But how did the families pick up the pieces of there lives after this tragedy? What really happened with the Aucas? Did God really have a good plan that encompassed such a brutal attack?

Steve Saint tells the story of his dad and the four other men who gave their lives to share the Good News. He shares what it was like to lose his father at a young age…and what it was like to be accepted into the family of Mincaye, his second “father”, who had speared his dad.

Not only did the families not harbor a grudge against the Indians who had killed their men, they reached out to carry on the dream of those five men. And God used them. The Indians who were at Palm Beach are christians sharing with anyone who will listen of how God has changed their lives.

Steve shares how God used a tragedy that devestated five families to impact thousands of lives around the world. I finished this book with a sense of awe at God’s plan. I may not know how I fit into His ultimate plan, but, without a doubt, my Creator has a plan.

If you live your life fully and wholly for God, He will use you. And that is the lesson Steve Saint expresses so vividly.

~ Carrie ~

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