Letter B


In the morning, I wrote out our Bible verse of the week on a piece of paper. (I had meant to print it out in a nice font and everything, but our printer decided to stop working over the weekend. :-)) Over breakfast I had talked with the boys about what the verse meant. So we just went over that again and then Drew colored it. He had a fascination with watching me draw hearts and coloring them in. 🙂 When he was done we hung it above his bed.

Later in the afternoon, we worked on how to write the letter B and recognizing it in words. Drew wasn’t too interested in how it was written. 🙂 And, while we got a few B words in, he was more interested in having me draw hearts so that he could color and circle them. 🙂


We watched three short videos on YouTube. Drew and Carter enjoyed them, so we watched them A LOT! And then they had fun showing Daddy when he got home. 🙂

It’s the Letter B
Letter B Song
Hooked on Phonics


I actually had some other activities planned, but our printer still wasn’t working…so I came up with this instead. 🙂

We went through the book and looked for A and B on each page. The Bible verse that we had hung on the wall on Monday ended up on the floor right next to us (I didn’t really expect it to stay on the wall with two little boys sharing the room :-)), so we looked at the Bible verse for A and B. And then we practiced writing A and B on the etch-o-sketch. After these activities, Drew lost interest in what we were doing, so we read a few books together.

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3 Responses to Letter B

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad you still had fun- even without your printer working! I know how frustrating that can be… but have also found it saves some money not to use all of the ink anyways.
    Your little boy looks so excited about his verse! 🙂

  2. Madonna says:

    Sometimes the best activities are paperless!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Good idea to watch B videos on youtube!

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