Desk Makeover

One of the tasks on my 101 list (#96 to be precise) was to sand and stain the desk in my bedroom. I knew I wanted to accomplish that over the summer but I hadn’t gotten started on the project. Two weeks ago I realized that if I really wanted it to be done over the summer…then I needed to get started.

You can see a before picture of my desk HERE. The desk had two coats of paint on it…one yellow and then a brown paint on top. Additionally the paint was peeling so you could see different colors of paint depending on how much it was peeling. (In some spots, you could even see all the way down to the wood!)

I knew I wanted to stain the desk a dark wood/red wood color. I was hoping to get the same color that I used to stain my bed a couple years ago…but that didn’t work out. (Home Depot no longer carries the brand of stain I used last time.) The color I ended up with is more like my bookshelves than my bed (i.e. a dark brown instead of a reddish brown.)

Anyway…here is the finished project.

After putting all the drawers back in the desk, I marveled at how beautiful the desk is now! I shouldn’t have waited so long to get this project done. I love the way my desk looks now! The dark wood color definitely makes it look like it belongs in my room now (since most of my other furniture is also a dark wood).

I purchased new knobs for my drawers. I decided to get new ones when I contemplated how difficult it would be to sand the wooden knobs that were originally on the drawer. Plus, I thought new knobs would be nice. I was absolutely correct. The new knobs just make the desk. They just make the desk and put a perfect finishing touch to my “new” desk.

So…one more task marked off my 101 list.

~ Melinda ~

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3 Responses to Desk Makeover

  1. thehubbardscubbard says:

    It looks beautiful Melinda!!!!! I love it! ….. By the way I just noticed that you have an Amanda Beth button on your side bar. What do you think of her blog?

  2. Congrats on getting your project done!!! It is so hard sometimes to get started but we always love the finished project!

    Stopping by from nff! Come say hi sometime!

  3. I am here from New Friend Fridays and i just stopped by to say hello!
    Also we have the coolest blog-hop there is… no rules just fun and would love you to join in:) Hope we’ll see you there! Happy Friday!

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