Letter A

Drew has been learning so much recently just through playing and observing other people that I decided to spend some time with him last week “deliberately” learning. 🙂 He’s starting to recognize letters so we spent the week learning all about the letter A.


We began our week with this letter A template. I grabbed some colored pencils and sat down with Drew at the table.

I showed Drew how to write each letter. He watched intently, but wasn’t too interested in trying to write them on his own. Although he did enjoy having me take his hand and help him write the letter. 🙂 So we colored the “A”. Once again, Drew wasn’t too interested in that activity.

So I flipped the page over and wrote Carter’s name and then asked Drew to find the “a” and circle it. At first, he didn’t quite understand what to do, but as soon as I pointed the “a” out to him and circled it he couldn’t get enough of this activity! 🙂 So I wrote names and he would find the “a” and circle it. He was having so much fun concentrating on his work. So precious!


We watched two short A videos on YouTube…over and over again. 🙂 Both Drew and Carter sat very still while watching them and had fun repeating the sounds of the letter A.

Hooked on Phonics
The Letter A


We began in the morning by drawing a picture for Aunt Anna. We started out by writing her name. I showed him on a different piece of paper how to write the As. So he wrote the first A, I filled in the two Ns, and he put in the last A.

After we wrote Anna’s name, he drew a picture. He had fun adding different colors…and rolling the pencils off the table. 🙂

Thursday and Friday

We didn’t do anything organized. We still talked about the letter “A” a lot because Drew sees it everywhere. We practiced drawing “A”. It was just a hapharzard end to our week. But goal accomplished…Drew recognizes “A” when he sees it. 🙂

For more Tot School ideas, visit 1+1+1=1.

~ Carrie ~

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  1. Madonna says:

    Love the videos. Thanks for sharing.

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