Celtic Thunder

I discovered a singing group called Celtic Thunder. They have several songs that I really enjoy…and some that aren’t so great. Most of their songs can be found on youtube.

This song however is the first Celtic Thunder song I stumbled across. Borders offers a free download of certain mp3 songs. When I saw that they offered “Take Me Home” by Celtic Thunder, I hesitated briefly. But it was free. I could always get rid of it if I decided I didn’t like the song. But it turned out that I loved the song.

~ Melinda ~

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3 Responses to Celtic Thunder

  1. Susanne says:

    We love Celtic Thunder music at our house. We’ve got all their DVD’s and watch it often. Something very relaxing and “homey” about their music. We were even able to catch a Celtic Thunder show and we really, really enjoyed it. It was a great night out with family.

  2. aliciaheart says:

    Since I’m a long standing fan of Celtic Thunder, I was wondering if you continued to enjoy them. Each album they have released is completely different than the one before it and each seems to appeal to different audience.

  3. wholesomewomanhood says:

    I do continue to enjoy their music…although I don’t particularly enjoy many of their songs on their most recent album, Heritage. Even though I like their music, I don’t like all of the songs on any of their albums. I’ve purchased my favorite individual songs off Amazon so that way I don’t have to listen to the songs I don’t care for.

    But overall…I do enjoy their music.

    ~ Melinda ~

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