Matching Colors

One of Drew’s favorite activities is matching like items together. He’s great at putting the silverware away in the drawer and he loves to match colors together. When Drew saw the cards he immediately wanted to play with them. So I handed him a stack to share with Carter. After a little while, I sat down with them and Drew and I spent some time matching the colors…blue, pink, green and the special cards.

We started the game with me handing him one card at a time. Eventually  he started getting into the game and began grabbing cards off the floor. 🙂 And then he wanted to switch the roles around and he handed me cards. 🙂

We had so much fun together playing. And I was thrilled that our play was helping Drew learn about the different colors. Even Carter got in on the fun…

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Matching Colors

  1. Jenny says:

    This is great Carrie! We love matching games, too. We talked about structural play vs. un-structural play for toddlers at a CHEA convention workshop. The speaker encouraged more of the un-structural type of play for pre-schoolers. I didn’t know handing Peter a puzzle game to solve was a structural play. I was so thrilled that he solved the puzzle on his own that I didn’t really care what type of play that was. He had fun! That’s what counts. 🙂 and yes, Peter does get tons of “un-structural” play time when we are busy. LOL!

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