Ruffly Skirt

I had grand visions of making a beautiful skirt this month and be able to cross off #90 on my list. However, after cutting out all of those strips and sewing them together, I realized that using scraps does not quite work with that pattern. (I do still want to make this skirt…I just need to buy fabric that is color coordinated. :-))

And then I realized that I had the perfect skirt to refashion using this pattern. I’ve had this black skirt for a long time. I believe I got it for one of my mission trips to Romania so that would have been 4-6 years ago. And, as you can see, there was nothing too special about the skirt. It was really long and straight.

It was sitting in my pile of clothes that is waiting to be remade into something wonderful. 🙂 When my first idea for a skirt didn’t work out, I decided to try and remake this skirt into something I would enjoy wearing. And it worked! (Yes…I was a little surprised that it turned out wearable! :-))

My skirt is now a more flattering length and it’s a lot nicer to look at, since it isn’t stick straight anymore. There is now a nice ruffle at the hem…

The only thing is…this skirt is way too heavy to wear in the summer. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to wait until the winter to wear my new creation. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Ruffly Skirt

  1. Albion Chrisman says:

    Very cute re-fashion! 🙂

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