June – Update

#4 – I cleaned out my biography section this month. I was able to get rid of several books that I’ve never read and probably would never read. Now my biography sections holds books that either that I have read or want to read.

#5 – I decided to participate in the Chronicles of Narnia reading challenge hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know. At a used book sale recently, I was able to purchase an almost complete set of the Chronicles for $5. It was missing Prince Caspian so I still need to get a copy of that one.

#34 – I made falafel for my family this month…and it was a big hit here at our home! It tasted absolutely wonderful and reminded me of the falafel I ate when I was in Israel.

#48 – I began knitting a baby blanket. I hit a roadblock though when the pattern told me to do a stitch with which I am unfamiliar. A lady from church first taught me how to knit…I need to make an appointment with her so she can help me figure out what to do next.

#77 – I purchased software in order to catalogue my home library. I had a great deal of fun entering all my books into the system. I’m not quite done…I still have some fiction books to enter.

~ Melinda ~

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