Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

The fifth project on my list of 101 projects is to participate in a reading challenge. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for an interesting and fun reading challenge. A Novel Challenge keeps track of all sorts of reading challenges. I’ve briefly considered several of them but none of them completely captured me; I was afraid I’d start out strong on the challenge and then burn out.

But then I heard about the Chronicles of Narnia reading challenge hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know. That definitely intrigued me!

I have been wanting to read all seven of the chronicles in quick succession so that I would have be able to follow the threads throughout all seven stories. I have read all seven books (or listened to radio dramatizations) at some point but not in close enough succession to keep track of the characters and how everyone was connected.

So when I heard about this reading challenge, I decided it would be a perfect one to participate in for the 101 challenge.

The challenge beings today, July 1, and lasts until July 30. If you are interested in participating in this challenge as well, head over to Reading to Know to sign up.

~ Melinda ~

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