Menu Plan June 27 – July 3

This week was busy and we ended up being away from home more than expected. 🙂 So I had to improvise last week on dinners and come up with meals that could be put together ahead of time or quickly mixed up when we got home from work. 🙂 So….thihopefully this week I’ll be able to make what we missed last week. 🙂

Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – Brunch Enchiladas, Rice
Dinner – Leftovers

Breakfast – Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Lunch – Creamy Garlic Penne
Dinner – Sloppy Joes, Potato Casserole

Breakfast – Moist Bran Muffins
Lunch – Bagel Pizzas
Dinner – Southwest Asian Curry, Rice

Breakfast – Leftovers
Lunch – Grilled Cheese on Rye
Dinner – Italian Hamburger Spaghetti, Garlic Bread

Breakfast – Leftovers
Lunch – Brown Rice Lentil Salad
Dinner – Grilled Saucy Chicken Sandwiches on Rye Bread

Breakfast – Cornmeal Molasses Pancakes
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Pizza

Breakfast – Egg Sandwiches
Lunch – Penne with Tomato-Sage Sausage Sauce
Dinner – Meaty Spanish Rice

For more menu inspiration, visit The Org Junkie.

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Menu Plan June 27 – July 3

  1. Love the way you plan breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Great menu this week!

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