It’s the Small Things

I have recently been on a Julia Child kick. I didn’t know much about her (other than that she was a well known cook) until I saw Julie and Julia (a fun movie although with some objectionable content). I loved the passion and dedication Julie Child and Julia Powell had for preparing food. And then I was able to read My Life in France by Julia Child. And oh! She seemed like such a sweet lady. One I would love to sit down and get to know. And her passion for food is inspiring!

Julia Child was a graduate of the Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. One of the lessons she learned at cooking school was to take TIME to make a meal perfect. It didn’t matter how long it took for just one step in the preparation of a dish, if that one step was vital to the presentation of the meal.

One thing that I have learned over the past months, is that small things do matter. In the grand scheme of life, it is easy to overlook the simple and small tasks, while running around to accomplish the more “important” things. However, I have discovered that when I overlook the small things my life loses some happiness. I rush from one big thing to another, never stopping to enjoy the little things. And so I have made an effort to take the time to make the small things important.

When preparing meals, I take the time to carefully chop the ingredients. In my mind, when I see a meal with the meat and vegetables chopped into small and uniform pieces I know that a lot of time and care went into the preparation of that meal. I try to wear Tim’s favorite outfits on his days off. I’m working on spending the time after dinner with my family enjoying just being with them after a long day. (Often, I’m tempted to run off and work on things or just spend some time relaxing by myself, instead of relaxing WITH my family.)

When I first began purposely enjoying and doing the small things in life, I did them for my family, such as I would spend extra time on supper so that it would be perfect. And then the meal would quickly be eaten and I would feel like, what is the point? (Obviously I’m not a future “Julia Child”! :-)) And then I realized…I don’t do and enjoy the small things FOR my family, I do them because it reminds me of why I do what I do. When I stop to play with Drew and Carter, it reminds me what a privilege it is to be their mom. When I take extra time making dinner, I remember what a joy it is to be Tim’s wife. When I take the time to dress nicely for the day, I remember that I’m so thankful that God has given me the family I have and that my full time job is to be a wife, mother and homemaker.

I don’t do the small things for my family…I do them for me.

~ Carrie ~

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