The Challenge – Day One

We have decided that it would be fun to participate in The Challenge again. The goal is to wear skirts or dresses for one week and blog about it. Katy at 110% Surrendered is hosting it this time around. Head over to Katy’s blog to find other ladies participating in the challenge.

The reason we look so tired is because we just finished our freezer cooking day. πŸ™‚Β (Mental note: take picture BEFORE making 27 meals) We didn’t plan it, but we all ended up wearing black skirts.

Bonnie is wearing a green shirt that she found at Goodwill. Her necklace is a special gift from a special someone.

Melinda is wearing a pink shirt from Kohl’s and a skirt from JC Penney.

Carrie is wearing a blue shirt given to her for her birthday and a skirt from Goodwill.

We were all barefoot this morning since freezer cooking requires comfortable feet. πŸ™‚

~ Melinda, Carrie, and Bonne ~

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3 Responses to The Challenge – Day One

  1. mom2fur says:

    I think you look just fine! And I admire anyone who can dedicate all those hours to freezer cooking. I just do components of it.
    However, I bet you all had a blast together. I’m trying to get my daughter and her best friend to join me for a “Weight Watcher’s Recipes” cooking marathon. I know we’d really enjoy ourselves and my daughter and her friend would have plenty of healthy meals for their freezers.

  2. Nan says:

    You were below me on New Friend Friday. So glad to see you shop at Goodwill….my favorite place for clothes. Practice makes perfect and you can find good brands always. I shop by 1)color 2)fabric feel 3)brand on the label 4)size. Happy shopping!

  3. Mindyleigh says:

    Neato. I need to make a trip to Salvation Army for some new skirts….and better yet, learn how to sew so I can just do it myself.

    Jesus wants me to cover my head at Mass.

    I have resisted this…but when I did, I opened myself up to terrible attacks in the area of lust. 😦

    So I am going to do it now, but head veiling just really goes together with dressing in a feminine way, which I often do but not always. I don’t have a huge selection nor money.

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