Our Freezers are Full!

After only four hours of work in the kitchen, we have 27 meals…13 for Carrie’s family and 14 for Melinda’s and Bonnie’s family. This freezer cooking day went smoothly due to the fact that we had prepared a few items earlier in the week. Carrie made refried beans and cooked a chicken and Melinda and Mom 4 whole chickens and four packages of chicken. Today we were able to assemble quickly the following meals:

2 sloppy joes
4 teriyaki chicken for pizza
2 pizza dough
2 enchiladas
2 chicken tacos
33 southwest roll ups
2 beef tacos
2 chicken pot pie
2 stir fry
2 chicken sandwich filling
2 meatloaves
2 saucy chicken
1 cashew chicken
2 oriental chicken

And, of course, we had plenty of help…

~ Melinda, Carrie and Bonnie ~ 

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One Response to Our Freezers are Full!

  1. Cute baby! And great job – wish my mom and sisters lived closer. Too fun….

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