To God Be The Glory

It all started back in October. We had finally found a lending agency that would work with us. And now came the fun and exiting part…looking at houses!

The first time we went looking we found a house that we absolutely loved! It was spacious, had a back yard, four bedrooms…everything we wanted. So we made an offer…as it turns out we were one of over fifteen offers and ours was so much lower than the others that the bank didn’t even consider it. And so we had a rude awakening to what the next several months would be like.

We made countless offers…only to lose house after house. There were just too many investors out there who could offer cash. We thought we had a good chance at one house…until the other family got some cosigners. *sigh* There went that house as well.

Those months were very difficult. We were making absolutely no progress towards having our own home. I was frustrated. There were quite a few times that I cried on Tim’s shoulder. I prayed through my tears. I got so discouraged.

Fast forward to the beginning of March. We were scheduled to go look at houses on Sunday, but our realtor had to cancel at the last minute. So, Tim decided to go ahead and just make some offers an a few houses to get the ball rolling. And we’d take a look at them in a couple of days when our realtor was available.

So the next Tuesday, we were looking at houses (once again!). We were standing in the kitchen of one home when Shelly (our realtor) got a phone call. It was obvious that she was very glad about whatever the person on the other end was saying. Tim and I couldn’t quite make out what was happening…so we just waited patiently. 🙂 And when she finally hung up, she started dancing around the room. It was then that she told us. We had just received a counter on one of the offers we had made a little over 24 hours before! (Could this be? It usually took about a week or so to receive a counter offer!) AND…the bank was only countering our offer. So we didn’t have to try and figure out how high we could go to beat several other offers. YES!

So we immediately drove to the home. I can’t quite say it was love at first sight. But this house had absolutely EVERYTHING Tim and I wanted…things we had started feeling like we would have to compromise on since none of our offers had been accepted. And then the GREAT news…Shelly told us that all we had to do was say yes and the house would be ours. Tim and I could not believe it!

So we took a few minutes to look around…pray…and we said yes!

And then began mounds of paperwork. It seemed that every step of this process is difficult! 🙂

And then…it was time to get “our” house appraised. Its value was appraised at $25,000 less than we offered and our lending agency would not give us a loan. Our broker and realtor went to work pulling information from comparable properties in the area, hoping to get the value of our house higher. Those days of waiting to hear back with any news or information were some of the longest days of my life. While our broker told us it was unlikely, there was a small chance we would lose our house completely.

After two very long weeks of waiting, we heard back. The appraiser was unwilling to consider raising the value of our house and the bank that owned the house wanted more than we could get a loan for. We had three options…get a loan for what we could and add $5,000 of our own money into the offer, try a different lending agency and get a new appraisal done, or walk away from the house.

We had been praying for so long that God would direct our paths to the perfect house. After talking together and getting advice from family and friends we decided to go with the first option. So we submitted a new offer and began waiting once again to hear from the bank of they would accept.

Two days went by.

Tim and I both felt that we had lost the house. We were just waiting for our realtor to call and tell us. And then a couple of days after we submitted our new offer, we received an email at 9:00 p.m. The bank had accepted our offer! Tim and I were beyond ecstatic. God had not only given us a house we loved but dropped the price by $20,000. What an awesome God we serve!

Escrow closed on Friday, May 14.

Our faith in God has increased as we’ve seen Him work miracles in our lives over the past months.

~ Carrie ~

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