May Update

#8 – I have been plugging away on my 500 books to read. I made a bit of progress this month…but several of the books I read I didn’t enjoy. I’ll put up a post in a few days with my book list.

#25 – I have learned how to do the Faux French Braid in my hair. That is quite fortunate for me…because I’ve never been all that successful in doing a real french braid in my hair. My hair is also long enough (finally!) to do a Figure 8 bun.

#77 – This was to purchase Readerware, a program for cataloguing a personal library. After looking into Readerware further, I decided I wouldn’t be completely satisfied with their program. Instead I am using Collecterz. I purchased the software and I’m working on setting up the catalogue for my library.

#81 – I wanted to have a friend of mine take some portraits of Carrie and me. It worked out this past month. 🙂

~ Melinda ~

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