Responsibility of Modesty

Being women who value modesty and have set boundaries on what we are willing to wear, we have very limited resources. I’m sure that this is not news to you! Learning to develop the proper outlook on this challenge can immensely affect how we choose to deal with it, and what the outcome will be.

Over the years I have come to think of what may seem like a pebble in your shoe, as a tremendous opportunity to express creativity. We have an amazing opportunity to take what we have to work with, which isn’t much, and turn it into something that can be unique and distinctive.

Being creative often means being open minded. We must be willing to try new things. Trying things that you think would never work is a great way to discover new looks and styles. Just remember that it is so important that we think of this as an opportunity not an obstacle.

~ excerpt from Amanda Beth Online ~

This post from writer A. Layne briefly mentioned a topic that is important to me. I have come to the conclusion that it is important for Christian women who choose to dress modestly to dress in a creative, attractive way. In the minds of many people, all too often the concept of modesty means “frumpy, unattractive”.

I believe Christian women who are committed to dress modestly bear the responsibility of dressing in such a way to overturn this assumption of “frumpiness”. Christian women who dress modestly and attractively bring a positive image to Christianity.

My mom, sister, and I are definitely committed to modesty. Even within Christianity, we are on one extreme because we choose to wear dresses/skirts. I have discovered because of the way we dress people have a tendency to assume certain things about my family and I and what we believe. For instance, on more than one occasion we have had people tell us that we are legalistic because of the way we dress.

Again, there is just the conception that modest skirts/dresses are frumpy and unattractive. That you can’t wear skirts or dresses and look like you’re from the 21st century. If you wear a skirt, then you look like you’re from Little House on the Prairie era. (Incidentally, we did have a man stop us in the Costco parking lot one time and tell us that we looked like we were from Little House on the Prairie. It came from an older gentlemen and he intended it as a complement.)

With all of the bad press I’ve seen and heard regarding modest skirts and dresses, I eventually came to the personal conviction that I had a great responsibility to choose attractive skirts and dresses to wear. I did not want to perpetuate or give credence to the idea that if I wore dresses then it would be frumpy and that it would look like I was from the 19th century.

It wasn’t a very easy transition. I had to change the way I looked at my clothing choices. I decided that most of the clothes in my closet didn’t really fit my new goals, but I couldn’t just go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe. I had to be patient. I became more picky with what I purchased and gradually changed the clothes I choose to wear.

I definitely want the clothes I wear first to attest my desire to love and honor God. Secondly, I want it to be a positive testament to the beauty of modest attire.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Responsibility of Modesty

  1. Jenny says:

    After I read your post I have been thinking about the dress issue. I embrace the feminine appeal of it. As for the modest part, I am a little skeptic. I grew up seeing my mother wear only pants (the cultural thing) and she always had her neck part covered. It was improper for her to wear dresses in her young days. Actually, I hardly remember when was the last time she was in a skirt or dress. Now, she is in her 80s and every time she is out of the house, she always has a long sleeve something on the top part and you guess it, with her nice pants. They are not form fitting by all means. Of course, nowadays everyone wears dress/skirt (short ones too) over there but I think it has something to do with the western influences (the immodest one).
    I saw some young ladies wore pants (I mean jeans) at church on Sundays and that just didn’t set right with me. I do not judge their faith by their attire, I do, however, wonder about their attitudes.
    I also know of a mother of three who grew up wearing jeans (but dresses on Sunday), she never heard of the dress only thing and I can attest her faith and her servant heart. Even though she wears jeans, her tops are every bit modest. I think she looks very pretty in dresses and I will continue to encourage her toward that.
    I love the way you dress, past and present. I sensed the changes in your family regarding the dress issue. But wholesomeness has been the messages I (and Mr. Roe) have received through your dresses.
    The transition will take some times but you look fantastic in this past year!
    Sorry it is such a long comment. Like I said, I’ve been thinking on that post of yours… 🙂

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