“I Am the Vine”

Drew and Carter are getting to the age where Tim and I can actually sit through a sermon and hear what the preacher is saying. 🙂 We recently heard this sermon on John 15:1-11.

“Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” (verse 2)

Typically when  you see a christian bearing a lot of fruit you think they are doing great! They are serving people…making an impact for Christ. You wouldn’t think, “Oh this christian needs A LOT of pruning!” After all, pruning is painful. Why would a fruitful christian need to go through so much pain?

The preacher shared this story…he has a neighbor who has grape vines in his backyard. One year when it came time to prune the vines, he asked his neighbor, “How do you know how much to cut off?” His response…

“Until all that’s left is the vine.”

That is why God prunes fruitful christians. He doesn’t want the world to see a person…He wants the world to see The Person. God prunes everything out of a christian’s life until all that is left is the Vine…Jesus Christ.

What an eye opening statement! God will continually prune me until all of my selfish desires and ambitions are gone and all that’s left is Jesus Christ. And let’s face it…my selfish desires will never be completely gone until one day when I see my Savior face to face.

~ Carrie ~

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