Preparing for Someday

This is something I wrote four years ago…I decided to rewrite it a bit and then publish it here.

I was recently talking to a friend, Kristina. We were sitting in her car at a horse ranch waiting to pick up my sister from work. Looking out at the horses, my mind naturally turned to Kristina’s own horse. I asked her several questions about her horse. The answer she gave to one of the questions struck me.

“How long did you want to get a horse before you bought Destiny?” I asked her.

“I wanted a horse ever since I was little,” she replied. “When we moved into a house that was on horse property, I knew I wanted to get a horse someday. I knew that ‘someday’ had to come so I’d better prepare for it.”

Kristina continued talking about how she prepared and saved for a horse until she finally bought Destiny, but my mind wandered a little bit. Kristina’s words applied to more than just buying a horse.

Kristina’s words spoke to my heart. At that point in my life, I was wondering and struggling with how long I would have to wait for “Prince Charming” to come into my life.

Yet Kristina’s words re-focused the issue for me. As far as I can tell, I am in a waiting period, knowing that someday I will be married.

“I knew that ‘someday’ had to come…”

Just like Kristina knew that the day she would get her horse had to come, I am anticipating the day my husband will come for me is going to arrive.

“…so I’d better prepare for it.”

Kristina did not just wait and wonder when the day would suddenly arrive for her to get a horse. If she had done that, the day might never have arrived…or at least she would not have been ready for it.

Similarly, I cannot just wait and wonder when the day will finally arrive when my husband comes for me. If I do that, I will not be adequately prepared for him. How much better it is to be actively preparing for that day!

The biggest “preparation” the Lord is taking me through now is learning contentment and trust in Him where He has me now. If I am not willing to trust the Lord through this period of my life when I am single, how will I ever trust Him through the days of my marriage?

It is not easy to prepare for marriage. But I want to be ready for my husband when he comes for me and I pray the Lord will continue preparing me for “someday”, because I know one day “someday” will be here.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Preparing for Someday

  1. Jenny says:

    Your post reminds me of the song “Teach me to wait, Oh Lord”.
    I am waiting to rejoice with you when your prince charming arrives at His timing. ♥

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