Ministry Part 1: Meals

We know that as busy college students and a full time wife and mom it’s often hard to find the time and resources to minister to and serve other people. While our hearts really desire to encourage fellow christians and practically share the Good News of Jesus Christ, it’s often difficult to do that. So this month we are going to be sharing ideas of ways God has allowed us to minister in His name.

One way I enjoy serving other people is by making meals. There are so many overwhelming situations in life where having a meal brought to you can ease a lot of stress. It can encourage fellow christians and also be a light to unbelievers. Meals can be helpful after a wedding (for the family…don’t interrupt the newlyweds! :-))…after a baby is born…during a family illness…after a family member dies. You can make a meal for church members, friends, neighbors, family or coworkers.

Earlier in the year,  Tim and I had the opportunity to take a meal to one of his coworkers. This meal is quick, easy and tastes delicious! (And if you buy everything on sale, not too expensive. :-))

Chicken Alfredo Casserole (I just assembled the casserole, but did not bake it.)
Garlic Bread
Ceasar Salad

I cut the French Bread in half, spread some butter on both sides and sprinkled garlic on. Then I wrapped it in foil. I put the salad, casserole and brownies in disposable dishes so they wouldn’t have to worry about returning the dishes to me. I put foil over the top with instructions on how to reheat the items written with a sharpie maker on the foil. The casserole would need to be put in the oven at 350 for 1 hour and the garlic bread should be put in the oven at 350 for half an hour.

Once everything was prepared we dropped it off. They had an easy to prepare meal for whenever they needed it. 🙂

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~ Carrie ~

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