Make Ahead Breakfasts

I’ve been finding it difficult to make breakfast for the boys in the morning and get Tim’s lunch made before he has to leave for work. This past week I’ve gotten started on the boys’ breakfast only to forget to make Tim’s lunch and if I do Tim’s lunch first the boys get really hungry. So, as I was planning our menu this morning, I got bit by the baking bug and decided to make this week’s breakfast all at once and pop them in the freezer. Hopefully this will make our mornings run a bit smoother. If this works out in practicum as well as it does in my mind (:-)), then this just might become a habit. 🙂

I forgot to time how long I spent in the kitchen this evening, but it didn’t feel like too long. And everything was done, including clean up, by 7:00. 🙂 I ended up with…

1 loaf Carrot Apple Bread
3 Egg Sandwiches
1 Dozen Apple Oat Muffins
Chocolate Waffles (I didn’t count how many I got, but the plate was piled high!)

So here’s to hoping this week’s breakfasts go much more smoothly!

~ Carrie ~


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