April Progress

#8 – I made these cute counting bean bags found here and here. I changed it up a bit using the supplies I had on hand. I’m pleased with how they turned out and I’m planning to use them this month with Drew. 🙂

#13 – This was my personal task to accomplish. I didn’t plan to get it done this month. It just sorta happened. And it shall remain as an unnamed personal. 🙂

#14 – I did 200 sit-ups!! And it was tough! The challenge actually has you finish at the end of six weeks at well over 200 sit ups. At the end of week 4, I was supposed to do 197, so, since my goal was to do 200 sit ups, I added three more to week 4 and reached my goal in only four weeks. 🙂

#20 – I researched how to do a home pedicure. 🙂

#54 – I’m so pleased with how these seat covers turned out. Now I can’t wait for the 4th of July! 🙂

#55 – I have my home management binder completed…at least until we actually move into our house. I’ll probably tweak some things as I discover what works and what doesn’t. 🙂

#60 – I didn’t even have this one on my goal list to accomplish last month. However, when I saw this post on a blog I read, I knew I had to take advantage of it! 🙂 I was able to get cute invitations for Carter’s first birthday party and make a little bit of money in the process. 🙂

#63 – I still didn’t get around to writing an ehow article.

#80 – This is another thing I didn’t have on my goals for April. At the beginning of the month, it suddenly dawned on me that Drew is old enough to a) start being responsible for some “chores” and b) to learn to sort things. So we began working on sorting silverware (spoons, knives and forks) and then putting them away in the silverware drawer. He loves being able to help Mommy out! 🙂 He’s also starting to recognize letters. My parents gave him a little “laptop” for his birthday and one of the games involves the alphabet. So he can recognize the letter on the screen and find it on the keyboard. 🙂

#72 – I’m well over half way done completing my list of things I’m thankful to God for. 🙂

#84 – I didn’t quite finish the rough draft on the biology book this month. There was more work left to do than I had thought! But I’m quite pleased with the progress I did make.

#85 – And I, once again, enjoyed working on my Civil War cross stitch. 🙂

#101 – I also completed one A Day in My Life posts. 🙂

May Goals
I’m trying to keep May’s goals simple since I know we’ll be very busy moving into our new home. 🙂

#4 – I want to get some more books read.

#21 – I did some research this past month on how to do a home pedicure…so I’m hoping to try out the ideas this month. 🙂

#33 – I want to try my hand at making homemade crackers.

#45 – I’m hoping to actually complete my list of 20 breakfasts! I’m almost there!

#54 – I hope to complete a small project for our 4th of July decorations.

#80 – I’m going to work with Drew on his numbers.

#85 – I’m hoping to get some more work done on my cross stitch.

#96 – And BUY OUR HOME! 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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