How People Find Our Blog

It is very interesting to see the types of phrases people type into search engines and find our blog. People type random words and phrases into search engines…and end up at our blog. Some of what people search for makes a bit of sense but other searches make very little sense.

For instance, some people have found our blog using the following search phrases:

  • recipe for womanhood – How wonderful it would be if we did indeed have a recipe for godly womanhood! Do this, then that, add a bit of this and then you will be a godly woman!
  • chapter from the book – Hmmm….which book?
  • how to deal with pain on long hikes – Undoubtedly, this led to Carrie’s post on hiking.
  • centurian force womanhood – Hmm…again…I’m just wondering what the person was actually looking for. This led them to a post in which I mentioned I had read a book called The Centurian’s Wife by T. Davis Bunn.
  • earthquakes bible – Again…this seems like a random combination of words. But it led someone to this blog.

~ Melinda ~

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