Organizing Your Clothes

Ironing is not one of my favorite jobs. I also don’t like having to stand in front of the closet in the morning trying to find a matching skirt and shirt that are both fairly wrinkle free. After all I don’t want to look all frumpy for my family. 🙂

So my solution to both of these issues is to have an ironing/organizing day. 🙂 On Saturdays I get out the ironing board and find seven outfits that I want to wear in the upcoming week and iron them all. I match skirts and shirts together. I usually even hang them on the same hanger. So when morning comes all I have to do is grab the next outfit and I’m good to go.

Ironing isn’t a time consuming job. And by getting all of my ironing done one day a week I don’t have to set up the ironing board and put it away multiple times.

I also do this for Drew and Carter. I was getting tired of digging through their drawers trying to find a shirt and pants that matched. So I match up seven outfits for the boys one day a week. Now when I get them dressed in the morning I just have to open the draw and grab the outfit on top. It definitely makes the morning scramble run a bit more smoothly. 🙂 

This definitely works for me!

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Organizing Your Clothes

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Carrie,
    How neat to see your post on this subject! I have just written about Peter’s Drawers.

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