Sunday School quotes

A while back I posted a quote from the Sunday School class I teach.  The students range in age from 3 to 6.  Thought I would do an update with more quotes.  It is so much fun teaching this class!  Even though it can be quite challenging, Nick and I can get to laughing so hard because of things that happen in class!

For instance….sometimes after class we play Duck, Duck, Goose.  A few weeks ago, one of the little boys tagged Mr. Nick as the Goose.  Nick jumped up and started chasing him…..after a few laps (yes, that’s right…plural…Ian kept running) around the small circle, Ian turned around and started chasing Nick!  Nick ran the other way…..after a few more laps, he pointed to a blank spot in the circle…”Ian, sit down!” but Ian kept chasing….so Nick kept running.  Eventually I think Nick sat down in the blank spot.  😉

Here are some quotes from the past few months!

Megan: (tells story) For real!
Me: (talking about Naaman) So he dipped seven times…..
Megan: He took a shower?

Me: (about Naaman) And after he dipped seven times…what do you think happened?
Grayden: He died?

Megan: (“hiding” behind a cabinet) I found pizza!
Nick: (looks) That’s weird.  It’s a real pizza.

Nick: ___, are you paying attention?
____: No.
Nick: Well, at least you’re honest.

(when the students were hiding and Nick was looking for them)
Nick: (at locked cabinet) Knock three times if you’re in there.  (a student bangs on it) Well, one knock.  Maybe they’re not here.

Nick: Okay, ___, let’s get off of that.

Nick: (playing kitchen with Ryan and they were the waiters serving us food on trays) Put the pancakes on here.  (Pause) Oh, don’t eat them first.

Nick: (when someone near the “drive thru” dropped their tray of food) Uh oh, sir, do I hear the clanging of food?

Nick: (when he opened the door for the children to go play on the playground) Go, run and be free!!!

Elayna: (when playing with play-dough) I want a yellow snowman.
Megan: (shocked) No!  Snowmans are white!

Megan: (making something from play-dough) Nick, you’re scared of this!
Nick: Oh, I’m scared of it?  Ok.  Aah!!!  Why is this so scary?
Megan: It just is.

Grayden: (playing with play-dough) Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
Ian: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Good job!

Ian: I am Super Ian!

Megan: (when she was wearing a dress with watermelon on it) How do you like my dress?
Melinda: It’s a very swirly skirt.
Megan: With fruit.  And it’s like a map of the kitchen.

Nick: (when pushing children on the swings) You’re going to hit the moon!  Boink!  You just hit the moon!  You made a hole in the moon!
Megan: I did it again!
Nick: You did??  Now there’s TWO holes in the moon.
Megan: Three.
Nick: Three?  All you need is a smile and we’ll have a face.

(Nick is playing puppets with some of the children.  The puppets were having a fight.  Megan wanted to play house where Nick was the Dad.  In the midst of the epic puppet battle….)
Megan:   Daddy, do you know I love tomatoes?

Megan: (about a lion) He was like ROAR!!!!!!  And it hurts his tail when he does that.
Me: What?
Nick: Did you say?

Nick: I hope today will be more mild than last week.
(Grayden screams randomly)
Megan: When people scream, I go up and down.

Each of the children in class is so precious.  I am glad for the opportunity to be working with them.  I know that it is a huge responsibility to be working with and teaching children.  It can be too easy to lose sight of that.  I pray that I will not forget the responsibility…and that I will apply myself diligently in handling the word of God and in praying for their young hearts!


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