Links Worth Reading

Be It Ever So Humble – This is the type of home I hope and pray to make for my family.

The Best Date – This blog post talks about the benefits of couples (whether married or dating) taking the time to invest in the lives of their single friends. If you are married (or dating/courting/engaged), please take the time to consider the point of this blog post.

Moving Away From Bitterness – Joy is a choice. And so is bitterness. The truth is that everyone has situations and circumstances in their lives that gives them a decision…will I choose bitternes…or will I be joyful in the Lord?

A Fun and Different Bridal Shower Game – This sounds like a fun game to do at a bridal shower…it would be fun to do at a baby shower too (but it would take more work to adapt it.)

Guarding the Quiet Spaces – As wives and mothers it is our job to guard our homes. To make sure what happens in our home honors God.

Outer Beauty is Important to God – While inward beauty should be one of our main focuses as wholesome women, outer “beauty” should be a high priority as well. (And here’s the link to her follow up post.)

Five Rules of Contentment – These five points that lead to contentmentĀ are very insightful.

~ Melinda and Carrie ~

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