Make Do Bumper

A couple of months ago, Drew “graduated” to a big boy bed. In all honesty, it’s really a small little bed that is just too cute for words. 🙂 Drew loved his bed! He sits on it when he wants his pacifiers, plays on his bed during quiet time, and pushes it all around his bedroom when he’s playing. 🙂

But there was one small problem with it. The sides of the bed allowed his pacifiers to fall out of the bed and onto the floor in the middle of the night. Drew would wake up, not find his pacifier, and in a half asleep state begin to cry. This would, of course, wake us up and Tim would have to get up and go settle him back down. This would happen 2-5 times every night.

So we decided that something needed to be done. We wanted a bumper to go around the sides of his bed and we priced them at Target at around $20. Not too bad. But I did not want to spend the money on a bumper because we already have one. It’s just packed away in one of tons of boxes waiting to see the light of day again whenever we buy our house. In other words…I have no idea where it is. 🙂

But…in the interest of being able to sleep through the entire night, we agreed that we needed to buy another bumper. So we planned to go back to Target one evening when Tim got home from work. However, that night Tim worked late (as in past Drew’s bedtime) and I started trying to figure out a creative alternative. And this is what I came up with.

It doesn’t look the prettiest, but it gets the job done. The first night after doing this Drew did not wake up once. And we saved ourselves $20 in the process.

My only caution would be to make sure the blankets are woven in there pretty tight so that they don’t come loose in the middle of the night. 🙂

Since writing this post, Tim found our “real” bumper. 🙂 I am SO GLAD we did not spend that $20 on a new one. 🙂

Make do bumpers definitely work for me!

~ Carrie ~

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