March Progress

For the month of March, I had six goals regarding my 101 list. I made decent progress…but I didn’t get everything accomplished.

#13 – I did read another Shakespeare play. I picked Othello. As I mentioned last month, I read Hamlet for a literature class I took. I greatly enjoyed that tragic work. Because of that, I wanted to read a second Shakespearean tragedy. Othello definitely highlights the dangerous nature of jealousy and the dire consequences of letting one’s anger get the better of him.

#26 – I finished my bachelor’s degree! After four years, it’s a bit of a strange feeling to be done with school…but a good feeling. 🙂 It’s definitely quite a feeling of victory to be finished with such a large task.

#29 – I’m still slowly working on memorizing Colossians 1. My self-discipline when it comes to Scripture memory is almost nonexistent. But I will keep plugging away on this task.

#39 – Didn’t get to the spaetzle this month.

#85 – I haven’t made the switch to all-natural hair care..well…I’ve kind of been working on it. I’ve been using up some of the nice shampoo that I have. I want to finish up the yummy smelling shampoo before switching over to the natural hair care. I’m almost done with the shampoo and conditioner I have…and then I’ll be ready to make the switch.

So…goals for the month of April.

# 29 – Still plugging away on Colossians 1.

#58 – Work on the book for physical science. I am teaching a physical science class for homeschooled students this year…and I’m putting together a book with teaching ideas and helps for when I teach it again (hopefully next year!)

#85 – Get the supplies I need to implement the natural hair care.

~ Melinda ~

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