WFMW – “Free” Money

I recently redeemed $50 worth of Amazon gift cards from various programs that allow you to take surveys, read emails, run internet searches in exchange for points. I redeemed all my points for Amazon gift cards so that I could whittle down my extensive Amazon wishlist.

Swagbucks – This is one of the easiest plans to get points. You can run searches (instead of using google or yahoo) and then receive some points for your searches. If you sign up for Swagbucks, use the link above…I will get some points for referring people. Also, if you join Swagbucks, be sure to follow their blog…sometimes they also give away codes for some swagbucks.

Mypoints – I’ve also gotten quite a few points from Mypoints. The primary way I earn points through them is by reading emails. They also offer a toolbar you can download to run internet searches that will earn you points as well. You can make purchases through some online merchants (Barnes and Noble, for example) and receive so many points per dollar.

Lightspeed Panel – This is a pretty good company that offers points for taking surveys.

I only focused on earning points through these companies during the second half of last year. Most of the points I redeemed last month came from the past seven to eight months. When I redeemed approximately $50 on Amazon gift cards, I was really excited. For very little work on my part, I was able to get $50. It is definitely worth working with these companies!

~ Melinda ~

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