Tour of My Library

I love reading! As a result, books are very important. Most of my bedroom is taken up with bookshelves. Several years ago, I got rid of my chest of drawers because I needed the wall space for bookshelves. I recently purchased a new bookshelf and so all of my available wall space is now taken up by my bed, my desk, and seven bookshelves. My desk will be the next piece of furniture to go when I need to use that space for bookshelves.

YLCF is hosting a tour of their readers’ libraries this week. I love talking about my books and this provided a perfect opportunity to do so. 🙂

There are three bookshelves along the wall directly across from my bed. The next two are on either side of my desk. The last two can’t be seen in this picture…there is one at the foot of my bed and one directly to the right of where I am standing to take the picture.

This is the first bookshelf right inside the door; it houses the biography section of my library. The first two-and-a-half shelves contain the biographies. The bottom shelf is a collection of various books, i.e. notebooks/journals and cookbooks. As my biography section grows, I will need to find another shelf to keep the cookbooks and notebooks. All the books in the biography section are alphabetized by title.

The next shelf is my miscellaneous bookshelf. The top shelf holds some books that I recently came across; they need to be added to my catalogue and then shelved in their proper places. The rest of the shelves contain other notebooks (like school notebooks), books from the library, books I’m currently reading, etc.

The third bookshelf is where I keep the nonfiction section of my library, the largest section of books I have. Again, these books are alphabetized by title. I have books on theology, worldview, philosophy, creation/evolution, abortion, reading, America, Jewish thought/culture, and all sorts of other things. As you can see down at the bottom shelf…I don’t have any more space to add nonfiction books to my shelves. So…

…I have a second shelf that I can use to expand my nonfiction section. It’s empty now…but I’ll be filling it up soon. I purchased a “new” bookshelf recently because I found one at our local thriftstore for an amazing price. I grabbed it, knowing that I would need it soon for my nonfiction section. That “new” one is the one that has all my nonfiction books on it right now.

This is the shelf to the right of my desk and at the head of my bed. The first two-and-a-half shelves hold my fiction section. I have a hard time finding fiction that I actually want to own…so I’m on a bit of a quest to fill my library with wholesome, worthwhile fiction. The fiction section is the only section that I organize alphabetically by the author’s last name. I chose to do that so that books from the same series would be together… and because I have a tendency to remember the author of a fiction book rather than the title.

This shelf is at the foot of my bed. The top shelf holds our coupons and coupon binder as well as our Joseph Altsheler books. The bottom shelf holds the books that I’m trying to get rid of. I list them on paperbackswap and then if they aren’t requested, I’ll eventually take them to the library.

This is the last book shelf…just inside my bedroom door. On the left side of  the top shelf are my books on godly womanhood (many of them talk about how to honor and trust God while single). On the right side, are my foreign language books…ASL, Spanish, Romanian…and there might be a Latin book. The bottom shelf holds my CDs and DVDs.

So there it is…my library.

~ Melinda ~


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2 Responses to Tour of My Library

  1. Lauren says:

    WOW!! Makes me want to curl up on your bed and start reading 🙂 Have fun filling that new bookshelf!!

  2. Liz says:

    Looks like a great selection of books! I also love books, and need to get another bookshelf or two, I’m starting to run out of room for mine. 🙂

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