Chelsea is a long-time friend of the three of us.  She has a great passion for reaching the world for Christ through film.  Currently, she is working with Rich Christiano at Five and Two Pictures, which put out Time Changer and The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.

1. What is your current season of life (i.e. wife, mother, single, student, etc.) Please give us a brief introduction to your family.

I am a student, still living at home, working on my Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Thomas Edison University. I have a younger sister, Hannah, who is 10 and being home-schooled by my parents. My Dad works for the city of Los Angeles as an attorney working closely with the police department. My Mom does part of Hannah’s schooling, as does my Dad, as well as running our home and taking care of her father who has Alzheimer’s who lives with us part of the week.

2. Who has been the best example of a wholesome woman to you? What about this lady has been most encouraging to you?

It’s hard for me to pick just one lady who has shown me what womanhood is all about. Different women have shown me different things throughout my life. My Mom would certainly be at the top of my list. As would some ladies from Church and a lady I babysit for who has taught me so much over the years about parenting. Historical figures have a high impact on me as well as I read about their lives and struggles. Corrie Ten Boom would have to be one of my favorite ladies from history to learn from about living a godly life in a situation worse than I can ever imagine.
3. What is one aspect of wholesome womanhood you are seeking to learn about right now? What resources are you using?

Probably the biggest “thing” for me is learning how to progress well from being a “child” to an adult. What is the relationship with my sister, my friends, my parents and more importantly my Lord supposed to look like as I delve into adulthood? That is what I am constantly learning and seeking answer for. I use God’s word, friends and godly mentors as my top resources!
4. What does wholesome womanhood mean to you and how do you practically live it out?

Wholesome womanhood to me, means being everything that God made me to be and constantly striving to be a woman after His own heart in all areas of my life. Saying that is one thing, the living it is quite another. But if it were easy, then it wouldn’t be special, would it? Living it out is a day-to-day journey and some days I do better than others.

Something that I have realized that helps me stay on track a little bit better is when I have physical reminders of what is important to me. I recently purchased an art print that has the fruits of the spirit which hangs on the wall next to my bed. So when I wake up every morning I look at the list and think about how I can practically work on living that out during the coming day. I also wear a ring that reminds me of my commitment to physical and emotional purity. I wear a necklace that reminds to listen for God’s voice in all things. I listen to music that helps focus my thoughts on Him. All these things help me remember my purpose – to love God and love people and to be all that He made me to be!

5. How do you seek to make God the first priority in your life?

There’s an old hymn titled “Did You Think To Pray?” and that’s what I think of when I think about making God the first priority. The thing/person that is most important in your life is what/whom you will consult and think about most when faced with the daily decisions of life. I try to pray, consult with wise people in my life and above all seek God’s will in decisions I make. Something as big as what school to go to or as small as how I could encourage a co-worker are things that take on special meaning when I seek God’s direction.

6. How do you make sure your family remains a high priority in your life?

This is one that I will admit I really struggle with. Now that I work part-time and do school whenever I’m not at work, being with the people God gave to be closest to me is so easy to take for granted and push aside. To help with keeping it at the top of our priority list, we have Monday night devotionals and Saturday night movie time, which are good family times for us. Other than that, I try to make time to play games after dinner some nights, help with the dishes on a regular basis which is good conversational time with my Dad and spend time with my sister just doing things she likes to do like playing softball or tennis in the backyard (you don’t want to know how many balls we’ve lost in the midst of much laughter!).

7. In what specific ways do you purposely choose/pursue to be feminine?

Being feminine to me is similar to what wholesome womanhood means to me. It is embracing the fact that God made me a female and everything that goes along with that. I think in today’s world, there is a push (whether it is spoken or only between the lines) for women to leave their identity behind and strive to match men in the areas of work, family roles and other areas of life. While I think there is nothing inherently wrong with a woman doing something that a man traditionally does, it has to be done with care and for the right reasons. Because God wants her to do it, not because she has to prove something to the world or herself. For me personally, I struggle most with this at my workplace. While there isn’t a whole lot of difficult physical labor that goes with my job, there is a fair amount of it, and I have to guard myself against trying to be “tough” or able to do as much as the guys can do just for the sake of what others might think if I don’t match up. God made me a female for His purposes, and I need to embrace that with all that I am and be content being whom He made me to be!

8. In what ways have you struggled with contentment? What has helped you gain victory in that area?

I think my biggest area of difficulty with contentment has been my family life. For many years, I tried to figure out ways to change certain people in my family hoping to make them “better”. But God finally got it through my head that He is the only one with the power to change hearts, and only in His time and His way. Much prayer and really hitting the bottom as far as my expectations helped me overcome my discontentedness. When I was on my way to the bottom, I was so depressed and angry about my situation and the way the people around me were behaving, that even though my head knew that God would pull me through it, and He was protecting me and had me in that situation for a certain reason, my heart hadn’t gotten the message. It wasn’t until I was crying out to God in despair that I felt Him take hold of me and say “Haven’t I always taken care of you in every situation? I’ve seen every hurt and every tear and I haven’t forgotten you. Hold on a little while longer and I will continue to hold you.” Sometimes it doesn’t make the situation easier to deal with, but I can now look past it with confidence and hope and love for God knowing that all in His time all things will be made perfect.

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