Destination: Moon

While I would never want to actually be an astronaut, their work has always fascinated me! These men and women are couragous pioneers, risking their lives to explore space. When I was given Destion: Moon by Astronaut James Irwin for Christmas, I was thrilled.

James Irwin was a christian, who was deeply impacted by his time spent on the moon. Hearing the stories of moon landings is always inspirational. But James Irwin’s story goes beyond just the physical. He shares how God helped him find the answer to a problem that had never come up in all of their extensive training. He shares how his relationship with God became deeper and more personal after his days spent on the moon.

James Irwin begane his career in the air force as a pilot. While flying one day with a student pilot, they crashed in the desert. From that accident James Irwin sustained quite a few injuries causing the doctors to fear that he would never even be able to walk again. By God’s grace, not only did he walk, he was able to fly again. James Irwin pursued his dream of going to the moon by applying to the space program not once, not twice, but three times before he was finally accepted. He was accepted into the program just in the nick of time. If he had waited a few more months, he would have been too old to become an astronaut.

After years of training, James Irwin was finally able to walk on the moon on Apollo 15. He spent a couple of  days on the moon, collecting data, setting up scientific experiments and just enjoying his once in a life time experience.

James Irwin’s story from start to finish is a testimony of God. His plans. His ways. His grace.

~ Carrie ~

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