Practical Look at Wholesome Womanhood Part 3

While the overarching principles of wholesome womanhood are universal, it is lived out practically in different ways in each woman’s life. Here’s what wholesome womanhood looks like in my life…

…putting God first in my life. This is something I’m working on. I imagine this is an area that I will constantly be working on for the rest of my life! I have a quiet Bible time with the boys in the morning before their first nap…I do my personal devotions the first thing after Drew and Carter lay down for their naps. I’ve also been working on becoming a woman of prayer. (And it does take work!) I read A Woman’s Call to Prayer by Elizabeth George in February and I realized that prayer was something that definitely needed to be put on my “to-do” list. I’m praying and working towards becoming a woman whose words, thoughts, actions, and attitudes are completely surrendered to God.

…being feminine. Being and looking feminine is very important to me. Now I can’t dress up super nice every day because I am a mom taking care of two boys with housework, meal preparation, etc. thrown in. There are some clothes I save for truly special occasions. However, I have been working on dressing nicely for my family. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the routine of just throwing on some loose, comfortable clothing because I know it will be dirty within an hour. However, I want to take the time to look nice for my family. So I like to wear a nice outfit (like this or this…after all if it gets dirty I can always wash it! :-)), fix my hair, and wear earrings. But of course, being feminine is more than just an outward appearance. It’s also a matter of the heart. So I’ve been focusing on enjoying my boys more during the day, smiling with them, and playing with them. I want them to know that their mommy enjoys being with them!

…always put your family before other people and things. This is definitely harder than it sounds! My biggest struggle is spending time with my family in the evenings instead of being on the computer relaxing after a long day. So I’ve been working on spending time with my husband and sons after dinner. When I put my family first, I still get to relax while I’m enjoying my family. And sometimes I still have time to get on the computer after I put my family first.

…loving feminine things. When I was younger, I dreamed of being a tomboy. I wanted to go out there and play sports with the boys. I wanted the rough and tumble. I didn’t want to be a girly girl. I have since come to realize that there is no shame in loving girly things. In fact, that is how God specifically made women. I used not to enjoy spending time fixing my hair nice, shopping for pretty clothes, or painting my nails. Why should I spend so much time and/or money on something that only benefits me? Well, truth be told, these little feminine things don’t just benefit me. They benefit my family. The little touches like a tablecloth at dinner or flowers on the table shows my family I care about them. Taking the time to dress nicely, fix my hair, or paint my nails shows my family that I love them enough to look nice for them even though I stay at home all day. God gave us women the job of turning our houses into homes. It’s the simple, small, feminine touches that do just that.

Wholesome womanhood can have different looks. What I’ve shared are only some of the ways I’ve pursued wholesome womanhood in my life.

~ Carrie ~

Introduction – Part 2

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